03-BB #1903 "Eclectic Sculpture" Gourd

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Size: 4" wide by 12" high to top of sculpture This hard shelled gourd is graced with a carved multi-level rosette sitting inside a round stippled circle before being painted a light colour, with copper paint highlighting the top of each level. A double wave pattern swirls from the front along the side to the top of the gourd. The wave is painted a light colour, and then edged with copper wire. The stippled circle is also edged with copper wire. The remainder of the gourd is painted a bright red, with small holes stippled around the circle and down the bottom of the wave. A long copper painted stick runs through a wire cage, a copper painted large wooden bead and a flat wooden circle before running down through the gourd into the solid wooden base. This gourd was created in a class led by Rosario Wilke, a California artist, gourder and teacher. Rosario enjoys challenging her carving students with creative pieces, and I enjoy the challenge and her teaching!
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