04-AC-211/3 Apple Gourd Birdhouses

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Apple Gourd Birdhouses 04-AC-211, 04-AC-212, 04-AC-213 $35.00 each 212 size 23 cm (9”) x 18 cm (7”) 213 size 22 cm(8.5”) x 17 cm (6.75”) When I grow a gourd and it looks like a giant apple, I can’t resist taking it all the way with paint and clay leaves. Apple Gourd Birdhouses are made for songbirds with a 1 1/8th inch opening and adequate space between the opening and floor of the birdhouse for the babies to be safely nested. The bright red opaque paint will attract the birds and the leaves are made of clay to complete the apple look. Holes are drilled for drainage and the birdhouses are coated on the outside with exterior Varathan. A screw eye has been placed in the back for secure mounting of the birdhouse. The 213 birdhouse has a clay stem. All of them have a clay rain protector over the hole. Created by Anne Carling
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