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Kawartha Gourders

For those wishing to pursue Gourd Art, join the Kawartha Gourders and take Beginner Gourd art to learn the basics of preparing a gourd for art work. Members meet on Mondays at the Artisans Centre Peterborough to share ideas, equipment, supplies and to work on gourd projects.


Please note that in order for instructors to prepare enough materials for students registration closes 3 days before the class date on some classes. You can now choose to register and pay for classes in the following ways:  

  • Register online
  • Pay Online
  • Register online but choose invoice and e-transfer payment to info@artisanscentre.ca
  • Register online but choose invoice and pay with cash or cheque in the studio
  • Register at the studio in Peterborough Square

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Masks and vaccinations required 

Upcoming events

    • 24 Sep 2022
    • 15 Oct 2022
    • 3 sessions
    • Artisans Centre Peterborough, Peterborough Square Mall

    This fall the Artisans Centre will be participating in the annual Ontario Culture Days, a national celebration of arts and culture! At the end of each September, millions of people attend thousands of free participatory arts and culture events across the country. These programs invite the public to get hands-on and behind-the-scenes, highlighting the importance of arts and culture in our communities.

    Artisans Centre members will present demonstrations, displays, and hands on activities from fibre, gourd and woodturning arts.

    Saturday September 24th will focus on Gourds, Saturday October 1st will focus on Fibre - Spinning and Weaving, and Saturday October 15th will focus on Woodturning. We will have small make and take opportunities for visitors to participate in. Our centre will be open during these times so you can also have a tour of the facility.

    For more events visit the Ontario Culture Days website: click here!

    • 3 Oct 2022
    • 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Peterborough Square
    • 5

    Are you looking for a new way to decorate your gourd?  We will be weaving on the outside of the gourd, using waxed linen or cords as well as beads to create a visually interesting design.  I will provide a variety of fibres to use as well as lots of beads to choose from.  

    Gourders:  As we will be working on the outside of your gourd, you will need to open and clean your gourd both inside and out.  It will be best if you finish the inside as well as the outside where you plan to do the weaving.  Your weaving does not have to be done circular, it can be done in any shape.  If the outside is not finished in advance, you will be unable to finish it later.

    Students will need to bring a prepared gourd.  We will be drilling holes in your piece, so bring your Dremel or plan to use one of the dremels at the centre.

    Instructor:  Barbara Bellchambers

    ACP Members price - $45

    • 17 Oct 2022
    • 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Peterborough Square
    • 2

    In this class, you will learn to use both hand and power tools for opening and cleaning gourds. Basic safety of working with gourds and care of tools  will be taught, so you will be able to use these tools on your own. You will sand and paint the inside of your gourd before using Adirondack dyes to give a colourful surface to the outside of your gourd. A glued leather rim will complete your gourd. Once you have completed this course you will be ready to apply a variety of techniques and express your creativity on a gourd. This class is a requirement for many other workshops in Gourd Art.  

    The Instructor will provide all materials and supplies for the class. Students need to bring an apron. If you have your own dust mask, please bring it.  Bring your lunch, or buy one from the vendors in the square.

    $65 per session 

    Instructor:  Anne Carling 

    • 29 Oct 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Peterborough Square, Unit 3
    • 4

    Join us for a day of creativity and learn how to make your own round basket! We will introduce you to weaving with coloured reeds and start the basket from a solid flat bottom. All materials will be provided for the class and absolutely no experience is required!

    Class price: $60      ACP Member price: $56

    Instructor: Merrilyn Lindsey

    • 7 Nov 2022
    • 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Peterborough Square
    • 8

    Apoxie Sculpt is a 2-part modelling compound with a working time of over an hour, and a drying time of 24 hours.  It is great for adding designs and sculpting on a gourd.  Patti will bring her extensive knowledge of working with Apoxie Sculpt to the class, teaching us to make flowers directly on a gourd.  Apoxie Sculpt is heavy, so choose a gourd carefully for this class.  You will want a cleaned, fairly thick gourd with a flat base to support your sculpture.  

    Instructor:  Patti Blackburn                                    

    ACP Members price - $55

    • 9 Jan 2023
    • 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Peterborough Square
    • 8

    Chip Carving on gourds is different from what woodworkers call chip carving.  Instead of using a carving knife, we will be using small rounded carving tools.  A variety of these tools will be supplied and you will learn how to use as well as  sharpen them.  If you enjoy this type of carving, we can help you chose which tool would be best to invest in and where they can be purchased.

    The design we will be learning may look complicated, but once you learn this simple cut and how to draw the design it will become much easier. 

    What to bring:

    A gourd that is not thin will work best for this type of carving, as enough thickness is needed to not cut all the way through the shell.  Less than 1 /4” thickness will work but nothing paper thin. Cannon ball gourds are not suggested as they are very dense and not easy to carve into.  Do not paint the inside of your gourd as you will need to be able to tell if you are cutting too deeply!

    If you have a Kevlar glove please bring it, or even a  cotton glove that has tiny steel wires woven in it works well for holding and protection.  If you decide you want to do more carving, it is recommended to invest in good safety gloves.  Some such gloves will be provided for you to try out.                           

    ACP Members price - $45

    Teacher:  Barbara Bellchambers              

    • 24 Jan 2023
    • 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    • Peterborough Square
    • 4

    Are you looking for a way to enhance your gourd or wooden bowl?  Come and learn how adding simple designs with pyrography will add value and appeal to the most basic bowl.  You will burn a sampler design inside a border on your bowl, learning while burning what the different burning pen tips can do.

    The Instructor will provide a tutorial with pattern ideas.

    Students will need to bring a prepared gourd or wooden bowl as well as any pyrography equipment they have.  

    Please let me know in advance if you need to borrow equipment, so I can have enough equipment available.  Although you may not be able to complete all the burning during class time depending on the size of your bowl, you will go away with a tutorial which will help you finish on your own.  

    Gourders:  You may finish the inside of your bowl, but do not put a finish on the outside of the gourd.

    Wood turners:  You can mark a 2" (or larger depending on the size of your bowl) border situated an inch or so below your bowl's rim while turning.  Please do not put a finish on the outside of your bowl until after you finish the burning.

    Teacher:  Barbara Bellchambers                

    ACP Members price - $40 Non-Member price - $45

    • 6 Feb 2023
    • 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Peterborough Square
    • 8

    We will show you how to make the outside of the gourd black, before carving the lines for your doodle design.  Bring your ideas for patterns.

    The instructor will provide some patterns.  You will be using a Dremel or other power carver in this class.  Please email us ahead of time if you will need a power carver, so we can make sure we have enough carvers for everyone.

    Students will need to bring a gourd cleaned inside and out and painted on the inside 

    the colour of your choice.  If you have a power carver please bring it along with your carving bits.

    Kawartha Gourder Member Price - $35

    Instructor: Dorothy Hawkins

    • 8 May 2023
    • 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Peterborough Square
    • 8

    Power carving can put "life" into your work.  I will teach you how to use your carver, what bits to use and how to use them.  You will learn to outline your object, undercut, create depth and height, ideas for finishing the

     background.  The leaf has been carved on wood, the bird on a gourd piece.  You can choose to use a small piece as I did with the bird, my first power carved piece, or to use a full gourd or wooden piece.  

    Gourders:  Choose a gourd or gourd piece that is at
    least 1/4" thick to accommodate the carving.  Do not finish the inside or outside of the gourd until after this class.   

    Wood workers:  Choose a flat piece of wood, a platter, plate, or a bowl that you can work on the outside of.  

    Students will need to bring  a Dremel or similar carver and your collection of bits.  Please let me know if you need to use one of the centre's Dremels so I can be sure to have enough available.  You will need a good mask.  I suggest you also bring ear plugs!

    Non-Member Price: $50

    ACP Member Price: $45

    Instructor: Barbara Bellchambers

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