10-LGC D046 Mahogany Off-centre Earrings

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Mahogany Off-centre Earrings 10-LGC D046 $15 These earrings were a labour of love. First I had to make the jig to turn them. I had read about this type of jig online, but it wasn’t until I saw one demonstrated at a Kawartha Woodturners meeting that I decided I could try to make one. It uses two circles, the outer one is attached to a faceplate and the inner one is inserted within it, fastened by screws in an off-centre fashion. The blank is mounted on a post attached to the inner circle. Once the outer shape is completed the inner circle can be turned so it is no longer centred. As you can see this allows for arcs to be added that cross the face, rather than surround it.
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