03-BB #2117-2119 Felted Swirl Necklaces

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Felted Swirl Necklaces 03-BB #2117-2119 By Barbara Bellchambers $35 each Necklace is 20” long Being allergic to wool, felting is not one of my favourite crafts. However, sometimes I just have to experiment with other techniques when working with my crafting friends. To make the nice swirling pattern in felt, I first made flat layers of coloured fleece. After soaking it all with soap and water I started to roll the fleece up as tightly as possible. It was then necessary to keep rolling and rolling the tube of fleece to felt the fleece together. Later, I added the tube to a couple of loads of laundry to make sure it was thoroughly felted. A number of years passed as this tube of felt was moved around my studio as I decided what it was to become. Finally, during covid lockdown I decided it was time to commit, and after slicing the tube into pieces, these necklaces were made. The downside for me is that I have to wear rubber gloves during the procedure of making the fleece into felt, and then into a necklace!

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